has published more than fifty books for children. Her books explore a wide spectrum of topics ranging from playful accounts of children and pets, from the pleasures of a rainy day (WET WORLD) to books which help children deal with death and separation. Ms. Simon has had a lifetime of experience working with children as a teacher, parent, and, for more than twenty-eight years, working as a volunteer with the children in her local elementary school. Her formal education includes a B. A. from Brooklyn College and, significantly for her career, an M. S. from Bank Street College of Education. As a pioneer in "progressive" education for children, the Bank Street College philosophy of early childhood education continues to influence her work. On a personal note, Norma Simon grew up in New York City. Her parents came from Europe as adults. Her extended family all shared a big brownstone house in Brooklyn, New York, where she lived until she was six with her parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.
    For the past thirty years, Norma has lived on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She enjoys fishing on Cape Cod Bay, clam digging, hunting for wild mushrooms, gardening and—when she has time—reading.

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